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new knitting pattern : carole cowl

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a lovely lady gave me some yarn and asked me to make her a cowl. i wanted to do something that would really highlight the variegated nature of this yarn (lion brand amazing). i chose entrelac. something that i had never tried before because of that i decided to include a set of tutorials demonstrating to you how to do entrelac. so starting tomorrow here on the blog there will be a series of 4 posts (base triangles, right slanting tier, left slanting tier, and end triangles) all about the basic technique of entrelac. i hope that you enjoy it and the pattern. 

new knitting pattern: carole cowl @sneezerville

so let's get to the knitty gritty (no pun intended!):

pattern : entrelac with eyelet buttonholes

shape : rectangle

technique : entrelac (a photo tutorial will be available starting Nov 26, 2014)

new knitting pattern: carole cowl @sneezerville

directions : written

yarn :Lion Brand Yarns Amazing (worsted weight; 53% wool 47% acrylic; 147yds/50g per skein): 2 skeins Mauna Loa #825-212

a little note about this yarn: it states that it is a worsted weight yarn. but i disagree, it is more of a dk weight yarn. you might keep that in mind when choosing an alternate yarn.

needle : Size 6 (4mm) 16-inch circular or straight needles or size to obtain gauge

additional supplies : 5 5/8-inch buttons

new knitting pattern: carole cowl @sneezerville

gauge : 2 slanting rectangles x 1.75 slanting rectangles = 4 inches/10cm in entrelac (unblocked) 
20 Sts x 28 rows = 4 inches/10cm in St St (unblocked)

finished measurements : Approx 10 inches wide x 23.5 inches long (unblocked)

you can purchase the pattern here, on craftsy, etsy, ravelry, or kollabora.  Enjoy!

and don't forget to come back tomorrow for the entrelac tutorial.

crocheted coasters

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i have a ton of this not so pretty white reclaimed aran weight cotton yarn sitting around. (by the way, did i use enough adjectives in that sentence?) i want to make a bunch of crocheted coaster in different patterns from it. then i plan on dying them different colors.

crocheted coasters @sneezerville

we will see how that goes. it is going to be a kind of long ongoing process. as i am just working on them between projects.

crocheted coasters @sneezerville

the pattern for this batch was from a new site that i stumbled upon the other day, messyla. check it out. there are some gorgeous things on there.

another knitting project

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i have been asked to knit up several things this christmas. among them is a looped scarf for my cousin's little girl. she wanted a turquoise to go with some accents on her winter coat.

i am thinking simple garter stitch loop with crocheted stitches in cables or waves. that part will be an experiment when i get there.

garter stitch @sneezerville

i am using cascade yarns sierra. it's a cotton/wool blend. so it should wear well and wash well. it's a nice smooth yarn that is gentle against the skin. another plus. look for a free pattern with this one when i finish!

t-shirt yarn

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i found a new yarn that is just kind of quirky and neat...lion brand fettuccini. it's a t-shirt yarn. it was actually kind of stupid to purchase it, considering i know how to make t-shirt yarn, but i just couldn't say no! each skein is totally unique since it is made of garment manufacturing remnants.


i loved the color and the little dots and my mind just went....awesome.


my plan is to make some crocheted coasters from it. if i can find a hook in my stash that is big enough. 

on a little crochet kick lately especially after finding this lovely blog.

new project

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i have had several requests for knitted items lately. i am currently working on a sweater for my sister-in-law for christmas. but in between having to wait to measure her in it, i have been working on other projects too.

entrelac sneezerville

this is my newest. it will be an etrnelac cowl. i have never done entrelac before but always thought that it look pretty neat to try (ie lady eleanor). i was given this yarn (lion brand amazing which says it is worsted but is really more of a dk weight) and told to come up with something cool. so i looked at things that others had knit with it on ravelry and entrelac looked the coolest. so i printed off the grey gardens headband. started knitting it to get the feel of how to do the entrelac. now i am going to set that aside and work on a cowl (and pattern) using it and buttons.

keep your eyes here for more info. i also have to knit a scarf for a little girl before christmas. lots to do!

coffee mug cozies

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my new addiction for using up scrap yarn is making coffee mug cozies. they are super quick. they don't use much yarn. crocheting them is a good way to practice my crochet skills on a small project. speaking of crochet...

crocheted coffee mug cozy sneezerville

this is my favorite type so far. it totally hugs the mug. it's like a coaster and a cozy in one. i have made 2 so far in the same yarn. it's a knit picks cashmere blend that i used on a sweater forever ago. i didn't wear the sweater enough so unraveled it and am just going to use it to make a bunch of small things.

crocheted coffee mug cozy sneezerville

i crocheted this in a simple single crochet spiral. i haven't mastered the whole make a row, chain up and make another row thing yet.

knit coffee mug cozy sneezerville

i knit another one with garter stitch edges and two small cables from some leftover fluffy yarn that has a ribbon of sparkle through it.

yarn goodies sneezerville

it's nice but doesn't work as well as the crocheted ones. 

MALL illustration

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i have been wanting to do some illustrations of some of my favorite artists and designers. here's a peek at the first one.

MALL illustration sneezerville

she goes by MALL (May Anne Lucidine). she does these beautiful pieces of art with black and white images. she does color too but the black and whites are my favorite.

MALL illustrations sneezerville

i still may do a little more with this piece but i haven't totally decided. this was drawn on watercolor paper using graphite. then i went over it with sharpie and micron markers.

MALL illustration close up sneezerville

you should check out more of her stuff at:




big cartel

new job

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i have a new job and it has been keeping me away from blogging a bit. by the time i get home, help in the shop, do the dishes, make supper and whatever else needs done, it's bed time.

new job sneezerville

if you can't tell by the pic, i am doing some pattern coordinating for creative knitting. you won't see my name in the magazine. i am working behind the scenes. also just training for now. but loving it.