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New Knitting Pattern: Borgia Mitt Set

knittingbritt schmiesingComment

a quirky set of mitts featuring one mitt knit in the round and one knit flat using garter stitch and a 6 stitch cable pattern. directions are given for both. but feel free to make 2 of one or 2 of both or a mismatched pair like mine!

new knitting pattern: borgia mitt set @sneezerville

directions are given to make a mismatched set or a complete pair of either mitt.

pattern : garter and 6 st cable

shape : seamless tube & seamed tube

directions : written and chart

new knitting pattern: borgia mitt set @sneezerville

yarn : 334 yds Patons North America Classic Wool Tweeds (worsted weight; 90% wool, 7% acrylic, 3% rayon; 1.5 skeins: black tweed)

needle : US 6 (4mm) circular or double pointed needles or needles to obtain gauge 
Cable needle

gauge : 20 sts x 33 rnds = 3.5 inches in garter stitch & Cable pattern in the round (unblocked) 
21sts x 34 rows = 3.5 inches in garter stitch & Cable pattern knit flat (unblocked)

finished measurements : 9.75 inches tall (from cable tip to cable tip) x 7 inches in circumference for mitt A 
9 inches tall x 7 inches in circumference for mitt B

new knitting pattern: borgia mitt set @sneezerville

you can get the pattern here, on ravelry, over at craftsy, kollabora, etsy or loveknitting for those out of country buyers!

new knitting pattern : borgia mitt set @sneezerville

in progress

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i started to hand stitch a new shirt yesterday. (i am need of a few new wardrobe pieces that i haven't worn every week for the past 2 years.) i also haven't stitched up anything by hand in a coon's age. i am using some old t-shirts that i had stashed away for just this occasion. giving it a peter pan collar. otherwise it will just be a basic black piece. perfect for matching with anything.

peter pan tee to be @sneezerville

but i had to set it aside before finishing so that i work on some tv knitting while watching those horrible patriots trounce my beloved colts!! 

mismatched mitts in progress @sneezerville

these will be a set of mismatched fingerless mitts.


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i made several pairs of these rand mitts but decided i didn't really care for the one that i made for myself.

rand mitts pattern @sneezerville

i like a longer finger area so i lengthened mine with some scrap yarn yarn that i had. i just picked up where i left off and went round and round several more times.

rand mitts pattern @sneezerville

done. now i wear them everyday.

the scrap yarn came from another project the received an alteration. i will talk about it after i manage to get some pics of it.

crocheted mug cozies

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i am addicted to making these mug cozies. i just use peaches n cream yarn from wally world.

crocheted mug cozies @sneezerville

they are similar to this pattern on ravelry which is free by the way. though i didn't actually use that pattern. i just based my off of the picture.

crocheted mug cozies @sneezerville

i did two different crocheted mesh patterns for both of these and buttons from my stash.

crocheted mug cozy @sneezerville

i bought more of the yarn and plan on making a few in different colors and sending them to the paradigm gallery (if they want them).

new knitting pattern: broderie mitts

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just whipped these up for my sister-in-law. she wanted some fingerless mitts to wear at school. she says she gets chilly! but who doesn't this time of year! it uses the broderie anglaise stitch (find the knitting tutorial here). it is such a pretty stitch pattern. the yarn is super soft and lovely.

new knitting pattern : broderie mitts @sneezerville

here's the details about the pattern:

pattern : broderie anglaise stitch (photo tutorial on my blog:

new knitting pattern : broderie mitts @sneezerville

shape : seamless tube

directions : written and chart

yarn : 220 yds Knit Picks Swish Worsted (100% superwash merino 2 skeins: #24661 Cobblestone Heather)

needle : US 7 (4.5mm) circular or double pointed needles 
4mm crochet hook (optional)

gauge : 13 sts x 16 rnds = 2 inches/5cm in broderie anglaise stitch (unblocked)

new knitting pattern : broderie anglaise @sneezerville

finished measurements : 9.5 inches tall x 3.5 inches lying flat (unblocked) 
Fits a hand circumference of @8 inches. 
directions suggested for slightly smaller mitt

get the pattern on the site, ravelry, kollabora, craftsy, etsy, love knitting (for customers outside the US).

new knitting pattern: broderie mitts @sneezerville

Tutorial: Broderie Anglaise stitch

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the broderie anglaise stitch is a new one to me. it just looked so pretty that i had to try it out with some mitts. (you can get the pattern here or just steal the stitch). but then i got to thinking that someone new to knitting or someone who just hadn't tried something like this before might have problems. so here's how:

tutorial: broderie anglaise stitch @sneezerville

it is a stitch pattern that uses 8 sts. so for a little practice swatch you will need to cast on a number that is a multiple of 8.

R1: k4, k2tog, ssk (the photo shows the decreases.)

tutorial: broderie anglaise stitch @sneezerville

R2 and all even-numbered rows: purl (if knitting back and forth, if practicing in the round, knit)

R3: k4, k1 long, k2, k1 long. (k1 long means that you need to go down 2 rows between the 2 decreases and pull the yarn up and through onto the needle.

tutorial : broderie anglaise stitch @sneezerville

to find the 2 rows down, apply a little pressure behind the stitches. you will see the bars pop out. you need to go in below the 2nd bar.

tutorial: broderie anglaise stitch @sneezerville

i found that much easier to do with a crochet hook. just use one a little smaller than your knitting needles. this was a 4.00mm hook. grab the yarn and pull the loop through.

tutorial: broderie anglaise stitch @sneezerville

place the loop on the right hand needle being careful not to twist the loop. if you twist it your broderie anglaise won't look as pretty.

tutorial: broderie anglaise stitch @sneezerville

pull a little snug, but not too snug. find a happy medium. it will cause  the stitches to pull a bit. that is find. you are supposed to have a little hole where you are pulling the loops up.

tutorial: broderie anglaise stitch @sneezerville

knit the 2 stitches and then you are ready for the second k1 long. this one is easier because you can see where you went in before.

tutorial: broderie anglaise stitch @sneezerville

put the hook through again, and grab the yarn and pull the loop through.

tutorial: broderie anglaise stitch @sneezerville

place on right hand needle again. pull a little snug.)

tutorial: broderie anglaise stitch @sneezerville

R5: k2tog, ssk, k4

R7: k1 long, k2, k1 long, k4

that's it. it is a eight row repeat. so it is pretty easy to memorize and works up quickly in the round.

if you want the mitt pattern to make, check it out here on the site, ravelry, craftsy, or on kollabora or etsy. for customers outside of the US, head to love knitting.

Enjoy! (ps: if you make something with this stitch, i would love to see it. i don't think it gets used enough!)

tutorial: broderie anglaise stitch @sneezerville