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organization, free printables, and a tutorial

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as i am doing my darnest to get a little business going, i find that i am i need of some organization. something i am sorely lacking most of the time.

in an effort to make myself be more organized, i made a product sheet. on it i can place a small photo of my finished product, a brief description, the materials/amounts/prices used, total cost break down, etc. i have made it available to you as a free pdf download.


and if i really were super organized, i could put them all together in a little binder to keep them all neat. i could even place them in those lovely laminated envelopes that fit in binders so that if i spilled my coffee on it they would remain perfect....yeah, that will happen someday soon. not! i try but i just can't go that far.

they are however in file folders, stacked on my desk in easy reach. that's about as good as it is probably going to get.

i also make lists on folded pieces of paper like crazy. they get laid here and there and then i run around stacking them up and sorting through the ideas for what i really need to do. so i made this cute little number as well. (get the free pdf download.)

stuff to do list.jpg

with the list printable it is really easy to turn them into a tear off pad.


elmer's glue

10-20 copies of the printable

print and cut the to do list printable. if you use card stock, you might avoid the wabby jobbiness at the end of the stack (you will see what i mean in later pics.)

new 002.JPG

stack them up real tight in groups of 20 to 40 papers. you might wish to clip them together with those heavy duty paper clips or just put a stack of books or paper on top like i did. with the books or paper, lay the stacks so that they are slightly over the edge of a desk or table.

new 003.JPG

run a nice even heavy bead of elmer's glue along the edge. if you used the clips, set them up somewhere to dry thoroughly. if you used a stack of books and the desk edge, you might want to move the stack of books a bit closer to the glued end (just to keep everything nice and tightly held together.)

new 038.JPG

once dry, they are ready to use!! tear them off at will. (now look at my pics. you see the wabby jobbiness of the end. probably avoided if i used cardstock. however, since i am just going to be tearing these off, using them and throwing them away, i would hate to waste nice paper.)

new 044.JPG

you could also glue a piece of cardboard to the back (easily attained from a cereal box) and attach a magnet for hanging on the fridge. or, even easier, just use a magnetic clip.

new 043.JPG

i hope that you found something useful here today!