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tutorial: graffiti pouch

tutorialbritt schmiesingComment

i have been wanting to make a graffiti pouch for sometime and i finally forced myself to sit down and do it. and i am glad that i did. i want to make some more!! 

handles 100.JPG

so today i am going to share how to make a cool unlined, french seamed little pouch.


2 rectangles canvas (6.5 x 8.75 inches) 

[optional] 1 rectangle canvas (2.25 x 3.25 inches) 

permanent markers (sharpie) 

7in zipper

take one rectangle of canvas and your marker of choice and just start creating. you might start with some bubble letters of your name, initials, or what you want to keep in it.

handles 045.JPG

you don't have to use the same color for the entire bag either. be creative. use your favorite doodles. draw repeat patterns.  i drew the letters first and branched out from there with swiggles and swirls with inner patterning.

handles 053.JPG
handles 056.JPG

you could make both sides the same or different. it really doesn't matter just fill the rectangle as much as you like. maybe you want to just draw designs in and have your kids color everything in.

now go give everything a good HOT iron. it will help set the ink. don't worry. it won't wash away. i made a t-shirt for my hubby using sharpie marker and have washed it over a dozen times. it still looks great! 

ok. time for the sewing portion. and french seams!

iron the top edge of the rectangle towards the inside 1/4 inch. then fold it over again and iron. repeat with other rectangle. 

handles 071.JPG

lay the zipper right side up and place one ironed down seam on top of it and pin in place. repeat with the other side. 

handles 075.JPG

sew an edge stitch down the canvas and then sew a second row of stitches about 1/4 from the zipper. it will make two pretty rows of stitching to hold everything in place. repeat on the other side. (you could switch your sewing machines foot to a zipper foot for this process. i didn't and it all worked out just fine.)  

the optional tab: i took a small bit of material. colored a pattern on it too and made a tab because i wanted the option of being able to hook this to a larger bag or backpack later on. you can completely leave this out and move on if you like. 

handles 042.JPG

doodle on you small bit of canvas. 

handles 061.JPG

fold 3/4 over to the inside and then other side back over that (as in the picture). 

handles 067.JPG

sew the seam down. (i used a pretty stitch on the sewing machine.)

back to the pouch: fold the pouch in half so that the zipper is on top and the wrong sides are facing in. pin all around edges. slid in the tab about 1.5 inches down from the zipper on one side and pin in place. 

handles 086.JPG

sew around the entire pouch using a 1/4 seam allowance.  trim corners (

handles 089.JPG

unzip pouch and turn wrong side out. push out the corners really well.  

handles 093.JPG

time to close in those edges. sew around the pouch again using a 1/2 seam allowance starting just below the zipper and finishing just below the zipper on the other side. as you sew just be sure that you are sewing just outside of the bulk of your seam. you can feel it as you go. you now have nice french seams. 

handles 098.JPG

turn the pouch right side out and enjoy.

handles 100.JPG

fill it with some stuff!  

handles 103.JPG

or gift it to a friend. better it to a kid and let them color it in. 

handles 101.JPG

and if you make one don't forget to share a link to it. i really do love to see your work!